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Username: 2moons61 Glen Mooney
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Land: Neuseeland
Biografie: I'm 45, photography is a hobby, as you will see, I love the big furry looking bumble bee, aswell as flowers, I also have a real love of animals but don't get to see too many here.
As a kid I grew up in Malaya & Singapore and loved the insect life there.
Anmeldedatum: 28.12.2006 04:39
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Russian Trainer
Fungus on oak
Poppet in winter home
Iris mouth
A pair of pansies
On the wing
Blue sky
Dirty face
different view of a honey bee
still working
Overworked & underpaid
Comin' in #2
coming in
BB on Hebe
Big Pollen
Bumble Bee on rose
Rose after rain