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Nickname: Scooby Anthony Rosato
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Name: Anthony Rosato
state: Profi
Biography: Born in the town of Kingston upon Thames, Anthony has grown up amidst entertainment and creativity. Having majored in technological engineering and physics, Anthony went on to graphic design and the arts, and achieved the Bar at law in 2001 in post graduate studies. He considers his days of drawing and painting nudes at art school an important discipline and wishes the world were a gentler place to enjoy the beauty of natural life. With somewhat of a disrupted and difficult life, Anthony has been doing photography for artistic undertakings and research, joining the press in 2006 to work freelance as a photographer. Of a bloodline that has been traced and dates back to the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and a family name that is derived from the blood of Christ, Anthony has a deep spiritual side to his nature, and shares his vision in his art, literature and photography.
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The Jazz Singer
Funny Girl
Vino Bianco
Bettina & her jazz pianist Jody at Lola's, Islington, London
Bunny Bettina
In the Hands of the Gods
Friendship Rose
Little Ballerina
Red Fuchsia
Lemons and Bananas
Frozen Miced Beef
Baby Sunflower
The Centre Stem
Honey Bee
Friuli - Venezia - Giulia
Red Pipes
Pen and Ink Drawing of Kingston Bridge
Bugs and Blooms
Pink Daisy
Daisy Twins
Beautiful Daisy
The Arrow Points
Looking Back on Stansted Airport
Morning Glory
Against the Wall
Red Chillies
Red Tomatoes
Bugging My Hibiscus
Black Ladybug
Bee for Basil
Bee and Bloom
All Bottled Up
Beautiful Grado
Colourful Sales
Back on the Rocks
Back on the Rocks
Sunshine Girl
Sun Bathing
A Couple of Old Hens
A Closer Look
Grasshoper on a Rare Blue Thistle
Bee Snuggled and Cosy in a Thistle Flower
The Pond Frog
Mountains over Germona
Bridge to Germona
Two Bee or Not Two Bee
Sunset over Surbiton
The Jester