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private licence: Price: 0.00 €
web licence: Price: 0.00 €
no licence

Exclusive Use: The Photographer grant all rights for the picture for this price.

Private Licence: Once paid this amount you can use the picture for private, non commercial use such as birthdaycards for grandma, wedding invitation, decoration of your children´s birthday party etc.

Print Licence: Your customer will get the right to use your picture for any print job (Flyer, Poster, T-Shirts etc.).

Web Licence: The picture can be used for the web when itīs paid.

Licencefree (private): The picture is free of charge for any private, non commercial use.

Licencefree: The Image is totally free of any licence so you can do what ever you want to do with it.

Linklicence: By using the image you commit yourself to declare who was the Photographer/Artist and if necessary his or her URL.

No Licence: The picture is only for viewing on you donīt have the right to use it in any other form.

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